The staff at Animal Health Center is our greatest asset. Everyone at Animal Health Center is dedicated to helping pet owners understand about their pet and preventative health care maintenance. All staff at Animal Health Center are pet owners, pet lovers, and dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for the pet and their owners.

Rebecca Moseley


Office Manager

Rebecca Moseley

Rebecca is married to Dr. Moseley. She was raised all over the world but began calling Valdosta “home” in 1989 when her father was assigned Moody Air Force Base. She and Dr. Moseley have three sons. Rebecca balances working at the office while rearing the three boys. She graduated from Georgia Tech with a Management degree and Columbus State University with a MBA. Her favorite things are quiet time with her husband, hearing her sons laugh, and spending time with friends, especially on the water!



Lead Kennel Technician

If you look up "loyal" in the dictionary, you will see Dexter's picture. He has been with us for almost 35 years!!! And look how young he looks! He has witnessed a lot of change and growth at Animal Health Center through the years and he is a loyal constant here with us every day. Dexter takes care of the entire kennel. We have two large indoor kennels with runs and then a separate cat room and Dexter keeps them all in top condition. He watches each of the lodging pets meticulously and lets our Doctors know immediately if one of their habits changes. Dexter has no pets himself but he treats everyone's pet as his own when they stay with us. In his spare time, Dexter loves to watch movies and spend time with his friends and family. Dexter is the "king" of dvd's and owns just about any movie you can think of.


Do-er of all things Detail

Renae is another long-time faithful part of the AHC team. She has been with us for almost 23 years. She has been a veterinary technician since before they invented Registered Veterinary Technicians! She is as sweet as sugar and it is genuine. She assists the Doctors in surgeries and exams. She takes wonderful care of our sick or injured pets that are hospitalized. Renae especially loves helping in with surgeries and can stomach seeing many things that many of us cannot handle. She is tough! In recent years, Renae has taken on more administrative duties as well including checking back over all transactions and handling all reminders.  Renae loves to spend time with her husband and their horses, dog and cat. They love to hunt and fish together as well.  

Veterinary Assistant



Kacie has been with us here for nine years. She helps the doctors and technicians every day. We love to listen to Kacie "oohhh and ahhh" over everyone's pets. She sincerely loves every animal and it shows. Kacie moved to Valdosta from Louisiana several years ago. She has a few dogs and a bunny that she takes care of at home. Kacie cherishes any days off spent with her husband and also spends a lot of time with her younger brother and sister. Kacie is what we like to call in the South, a "sweetheart."  




Fran is our newest AHC member and she came to us through her friend Renae.  They met through mutual hunting trips with their husbands. We are always thankful for trusty referrals! In addition to hunting, Fran loves fishing and anything that gets her outdoors. Specifically, arrowhead hunting and the beach!  Fran is married with two sons and a dog named Hunter and a rabbit named Hauss.

Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist

Dariana has been working at AHC since June of 2018.  She graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Physiology in 2016 and moved to Valdosta with her two Labrador Retrievers to pursue her Master's degree in Biology.  Originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, she is our only biligual team member.  She hopes to pursue a Doctorate degree with a focus on Pathology.  She enjoys being outdoors: hiking, taking her dogs to the park, and taking part in local events with her friends and parents.



Teresa comes to us from the state of South Carolina.  She is as as sweet as apple pie and has a very kind, calm spirit.  We are so thankful she works with us.  Teresa comes with much experience working in veterinary hospitals.  In her spare time, she loves to love on her sweet dogs and new kittens and enjoy her husband's world-class grilling skills.  



Veterinary Assistant

Hannah has been with us since January of 2020.  Hannah came to us after graduating from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor's degree in Avian Biology.  She loves all animals and is attentive in her care for them. However birds hold a very special place in her heart.  She has a few of her own and her dream is to open an Avian Sanctuary one day. 


Kelly has been greeting you at AHC for three years.  She is very passionate and caring towards all animals and people.  Although she does hold a special place in her heart toward older cats.  Kelly also gets her love of Exotics from her hometown of Key West, Florida.  She spent her childhood there chasing iguanas and going to the beach.  You will not meet a more fun-loving person.  Kelly always says "I get to pet animals and talk to some really awesome people at AHC, I could not be more blessed!"